What is Skill Haste in The Division 2?

Jumping back into The Division 2 with Warlords of New York offers a brand new experience for players, new and old. The gear is much easier to read, you will find less loot, but most of it is quality now, and the combat still feels solid. Those looting some of the better gear have come to question the one called Skill Haste, and are curious what it means.

Skill Haste is an ability you will find in the yellow-tier, which means it focuses on the skills you have on your character. All characters can carry two skills on them, and there are a wide variety of choices to pick. There are even some new ones, such as the Decoy Skill, which you can use to distract enemies with a hologram. Regardless, any of the yellow-colored attributes attached to your gear directly affect your skills, and how they perform in combat.

The Skill Haste is essentially the cooldown reduction. The more of it you have, the more often you can use and throw your abilities out in combat. You can see how much Skill Haste you have in your stats section of your inventory. There’s a chunk at the bottom portion where you have a breakdown of the two skills tied to your Division agent, and what augments they have. Each of them should have a percentage of Skill Haste. Unfortunately, it does not list what the skill does for you in combat.

You can increase the amount of Skill Haste you have by looking for more items that have it in the game. If you secure a high enough percentage, make sure to have it downloaded to your Recalibration Table, where you can attach that skill to other gear pieces you like in the game.