What is Story Mode and what does it do in The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles?

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The Great Ace Attorney can be quite the grind for some people. For starters, episodes are lengthy, and if you want to finish one in one sitting, you will be stuck there for at least five hours looking through evidence and brainstorming. For some, they just want to experience the excellent drama-filled story that the Ace Attorney series is well known for. Here is everything you need to know about Story Mode in The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles.

In The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, you can turn on Story Mode on the game’s main menu by going to Options and scrolling down to Reader. You can then set Story Mode to On.

When Story Mode is on, it will replace the normal Auto function. When you activate Auto, it will automatically scroll through dialogue and other text in the game without you needing to press anything. This allows you to set your controller down and not need to pick it up again until the game asks you to input evidence or something else.

On the other hand, Story Mode will make it so you do not need to submit evidence or answer questions as well as progress through dialogue. The game will automatically choose the correct answer for you. If you have issues paying attention to the small clues and details, you can still see the end of the story in that episode. Story Mode will make the game essentially turn into a movie of sorts for you, not requiring any further input until you deactivate it.