What is the Baro Void-Signal in Warframe?

Enter the void.

Inaros Prime

If you visit Baro Ki’Teer while equipped with the Inaros Prime Warframe, you will be able to buy an item called the Baro Void-Signal. This is a single use item, that will automatically open up access to a special Void mission for you. You can play this mission, called Void Trader, once per purchase. The Baro Void-Signal costs 100 Ducats and 25,000 Credits, but Baro will only sell it to Inaros Prime. You can only buy them one at a time.

After you purchase the Baro Void-Signal, you will be able to see a special Void Trader mission in the Void, but you will only be able to play this mission as Inaros Prime. It is a 10 Wave Defense mission, and you will be fighting along side Baro himself.

The mission is Level 20-30, and you will be taking on the Grineer Nightwatch, and they despise Baro and will do everything they can to kill him. It can get quite hectic, so make sure you bring a weapon like the Ignis Wraith which will melt large groups of enemies. If you keep Baro alive until the end, you will be granted a Desert Skate Specter. You can earn this each time you play, and you will also get additional rewards each time you complete it, in the following order.

  1. Elixis Latron Shoulder Plate
  2. Elixis Latron Leg Plate
  3. Eleixis Latron Chest Plate
  4. Inaros Sarcophagus Noggle
  5. Inaros Osiris Helmet

Once you have finished it five times and received all those rewards, you will only receive the Desert Skate Specter for successful completions. If you are playing with a squad, then all players need to have Inaros Prime, but only the player who begins the mission will lose their key, so it is a good way to grind the mission.