What is the Benched Achievement coming to Terraria in Update 1.4?

The Benched Achievement is causing quite a stir.

Terraria 1.3.5 update Xbox One PS4

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You may have been seeing a lot of talk and discussion involving the Benched Achievement for Terraria, set to release for Update 1.4, formally called Journey’s End. Plenty of people on the Terraria Reddit have spoken about it, and a handful of users have posted to request others stop posting about it, but it only circulates more discussion. What’s it all about?

Mostly, it’s about an upcoming achievement set to release in Terraria that will come out with Update 1.4. It will be available to all players, and once the update launches on May 16 in the middle of the day, you can go out of your way to achieve it. It won’t be too difficult. The achievement is all about crafting your first workbench. It’s one of the many steps new players can take in the upcoming achievement system in Terraria meant to guide players forward to progress through the game naturally.

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The Benched Achievement was initially shown in the patch notes updated presented by the Terraria developers on their forum when sharing about the upcoming new system. The Achievement Guide system will serve as a subtle nudge for players looking for direction about what to do next. For veterans of Terraria, it may not feel like a need, but those who are new to the game may feel thankful for the helpful nudge.

Many Terriaria players were talking about it on the Reddit pages because they initially saw it on the forums, and then some players saw it in their games. While players cannot complete it before Update 1.4 officially releases.

There will likely be many more achievements tied to the new system when the game launch. They will likely focus on the many different things a Terraria player needs to understand once taking their initial steps. Eager players can find out more when the Achievement Guide system releases for the game.