What is the best Elite Fast TM move to teach a Pokémon in Pokémon Go?

There are a lot of choices to pick from.

Image via Niantic

At the start of a brand new season in Pokémon Go’s PvP scene, the Battle League, certain players are rewarded with their hard work with various prizes. For those who earned an Elite Fast TM, you’ll have the chance to pick a Pokémon’s new fast move to make one stronger. There are numerous choices to consider, but here’s a breakdown of some of the best ways to use your Elite Fast TM.

Legendary or Mythical Pokémon

Before looking at the many Pokémon you can capture in the wild, we’re going to recommend you pick out one of the legendary or mythical Pokémon you have in your roster. Legendary Pokémon are tough to capture, and they’re not always available. If you have one in your collection that is lacking a suitable fast move, use the Elite Fast TM on it to improve it, giving you the chance to take on stronger five-star raids, Team Rocket members, or battle against other trainers in the Battle League during the Ultra or Master League competitions.

These are some of the best legendary Pokémon with their preferred fast moves.

  • Dialga: Dragon breath
  • Giratina (Altered): Shadow claw
  • Groudon: Mud shot
  • Ho-Oh: Incinerate
  • Landorus: Mud shot
  • Lugia: Dragon tail
  • Melmetal: Thunder shock
  • Mew: Shadow claw
  • Mewtwo: Psycho cut
  • Palkia: Dragon tail
  • Regice: Lock on
  • Reshiram: Dragon breath
  • Yveltal: Snarl
  • Zacian (Hero): Snarl
  • Zapdos: Thunder shock
  • Zekrom: Dragon breath

Best fast moves

Not every fast move is equal to the other attacks in Pokémon Go. Some are notably better than others, meaning most Pokémon have an ideal moveset with the best fast moves and best charged moves that they learn. Because of how many Pokémon there are in Pokémon Go, it isn’t easy to narrow down the best Pokémon to use your Elite Fast TM on. We’re going to detail some of the better fast moves you should try to teach your Pokémon when creating a team.

  • Bullet seed
  • Dragon tail
  • Incinerate
  • Lock on
  • Mud shot
  • Poison jab
  • Powder snow
  • Psycho cut
  • Shadow claw
  • Snarl
  • Thunder shock
  • Volt switch

Make sure to consider these choices when you’re trying to pick out a new fast move for your Pokémon. For example, if you have one in your collection you want to use for PvP or PvE raids, and they learn one of these moves, we highly recommend using an Elite Fast TM on it to learn one of these choices.