What is The Bunker Series in GTA Online

Bunker Series GTA V

GTA Online features an array of different missions, and we’re focusing on the adversary Bunker Series. There are seven available game modes, each highlighting a unique style of gameplay, and these encourage players to take alternative approaches while competing against other players online.

What is Bunker Series?

The Bunker Series refer to missions you gain access to if you purchase a bunker. When you have them you’ll have access to any from this list:

  • Slasher: The Slasher receives a shotgun and hunts down seven players. After three minutes, the Hunted receive shotguns and go after The Slasher. If the Slasher, or the seven Hunted, die within the time limit, the other side wins
  • Every Bullet Counts: All players are against each other in a careful shootout. They’re each equipped with a machete and a marksman pistol with only four bullets. The last one standing wins.
  • Juggernaut: A team-based battle where each side receives a Juggernaut. Each team needs to take out the opposing team’s Juggernaut to win.
  • Kill Quota: Each team starts with a weapon and receives a kill quota. If a team reaches the quota, they earn a new gun. The team who reaches all of the available quotas wins, or the side with the highest score when time runs out.
  • Resurrection: A team-based shootout where you need to take out the enemy team. However, if they take out one of your players, they revive one of their team members. The first team to take out the other side wins.
  • Trading Places: Losers becomes winners, and it’s a class warfare fight. When you take out a winner as a loser, you become a winner. The goal is to become a winner by the end.
  • Till Death Do Us Part: Four teams of two pairs face-off in a grueling fight focused on pairs sticking together to receive health benefits, encouraging players to stay close but increasing the risk to separate for more rewards.
How to Purchase a Bunker

To gain access to any of the above modes, you first need a bunker. The cheapest one is worth $1,165,000. You need to visit Maze Bank Foreclosures and answer the online notice. You’ll have a range of different bunker options to choose from, so pick the ideal choice available to you. If this is your first bunker, you’ll have to go through introductory scenes, providing you a tour of your newly purchased bunker and the various upgrades you can apply to them.

After the introduction, check out the new missions available to you for having access to one of them. You can access any of the Bunker Series corona on your map to launch the game modes or visit the Bunker Adversary mode in the in-game menu to start playing.