What is the Chairman’s name In Lost Judgment?

Pop quiz.

Lost Judgement

Image via RGG Studios

As you play through Lost Judgment, there are all sorts of cases to solve and request to complete. Some of them are a little stranger than others, such as a string of missions to find bullies in a high school.

As part of the quest, you will be setting up some cameras in the school. Doing so is quite simple, you just need to follow the waypoints and set up each camera. The mission can throw a curveball your way, however. At one point during the mission, shortly after you spot some bullies, a teacher will see you and grow suspicious.

She will want to know you have you wandering around the school on some strange errand, and you can tell her it was the Chairman. After that, she will ask you who the Chairman is. The correct answer is Okuda-san. It’s an odd question, and one you may not have been prepared for.

You are briefly told the Chairman’s name in a previous cutscene, but if you were not paying attention then it may have just slipped by without you noticing. Tell her the name Okuda-san and she will then leave you alone, content that you are there on some kind of official business.