What is the code for the maintenance closet in Hangar 2 in Deathloop?

Kill Harriet faster with a quiet entrance.


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While you’re exploring Karl’s Bay in pursuit of Harriet and her Nexus Slab, you’ll discover that you need to break into a hangar where she’s hosting a rather gruesome event. There are a few long-winded paths to get into the hangar, but if you need to get inside quickly, there’s a shorter path through the maintenance closet in Hangar 2. This guide covers how to find the closest and what the code is.

What is the code for the maintenance closet in Hangar 2?

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You can find the code for the maintenance closet in the main hangar, where Harriet is dipping a man into toxic gas. It’s on the far walkway where most of the guards in the room are standing. You can pick up a note that discusses how easy the route is to use and lists the code too. for us, the code was 2322. This code may be randomized, so you could get a different code in your playthrough.

Where is the maintenance closet in Hangar 2?

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Once you’ve found the note, you’ll likely spend a good half an hour looking for the maintenance closet. This is located in the back-left corner of Hangar 2. If you approach from the seafront, it’s in the back right, but it’s to your left if you approach from the land side. There may also be some text near it stating that it’s the “road less traveled.”