What is the coffee shop safe code in Alone in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2?

Here’s how to figure out the code.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Alone is the 13th mission in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 campaign, and it’s a long, complicated one. As the mission title suggests, you (a.k.a. John “Soap” McTavish) are alone on a rainy night on the streets of Las Almas. You’re in radio contact with Ghost, and there are Shadow Company mercs everywhere, as well as a great many dead or dying townsfolk. But other than that, completely alone. The main thing is that you start the level unarmed, which is basically just an excuse to introduce MW2’s shoehorned-in crafting system. So grab a roll of duct tape and a handful of everyday household junk, and get ready to improvise!

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Where to find the coffee shop safe code in Alone

There are two safes on the Alone mission, the first of which you can find in a coffee shop, quite a long way into the mission (after you’ve found a sharp weapon and a gun, among other things). It’s not immediately obvious that it’s a coffee shop because you come in through the back, but Soap will say he’s in the coffee shop, and Ghost will ask for a cup of tea (even though he’s not there — what a kidder!)

The safe is in the back office, the door to which is to the left of where you came in. It’s locked, so here’s hoping you saved a pry tool for the occasion, or else you have the necessary junk to make a new one. The safe is under a shelf to the right, but if you try to open it, you’ll discover it’s locked. Because it’s a safe.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Fortunately, the owner of the safe has had the highly unoriginal idea of using their own date of birth as their date as their safe code, and has hung a calendar with their birthday marked on it right over the desk next to the safe. The date circled on the calendar is October 10, 2020, and the number 40 is written next to the date. So, if someone turns 40 on October 10, 2020, their date of birth must be October 10, 1980. So, the Alone coffee shop safe code is 10-10-80.