What is the combination code for the Workshop lock in Resident Evil Village?

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Resident Evil Village is filled with secrets. Some of these can be very helpful for players, resulting in new weapons, or useful equipment that they will need to progress the story. Once such secret can be found in the workshop in the village.

The entrance to the area is marked by a sign that says “Do Not Enter”, but players can happily ignore this, using their knife to shatter the locks that keep it closed. In the new area, players will find a workshop to the left with a locked container in the back.

On a nearby table is a piece of paper that simply says “Look out the window”. When players do this, a scripted attack occurs that players will need to deal with. When it is over, they should go back inside and look out the window once again. Now they should be able to see a range of numbers that someone has scrawled on the wall of a building, the window itself, and a tarp that is lying across the yard in the distance.

The numbers are 07-04-08, and you guessed it, that is the combination that you need to open the locker in the workshop. Inside the locker, players will find the M1911 handgun, an excellent replacement for the starting gun, and also the jack handle.

They can use this to lift a nearby tractor, giving them access to a new route they will need to explore in the village.