What Is The Current WoW Gold Cap? [Explained]

World of Warcraft players don’t have an unlimited bank for their gold, but knowing the cap will help players manage their finances.


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If there is one thing World of Warcraft players love, it’s having a lot of gold. It is easier to purchase new cosmetics, help improve your character, or even fund raid and group activities, and it can be a very rewarding perk from dedicated playing.

However, some players may be unaware that your deep pockets will eventually be filled, and you’ll hit the elusive gold cap, stopping you from earning any more precious money during your adventures. To ensure you know all the details, we’ve put together this guide with all you need to know about the gold cap in WoW and some tips on making money to reach it.

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What is the WoW Gold Cap?

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The WoW gold cap is a limit that stops a character from holding more than a fixed amount of gold, likely as a way to manage or help give the game’s economy some stability.

The cap will be different depending on which version of WoW you play. For Classic, the gold cap is 247K, whereas in Retail, it’s a much higher 10 million gold cap. It is also worth noting that this cap includes things like your bank and considers all the gold across your character, and if you happen to be at this cap, you will no longer receive any gold from quests, selling items, or the Auction House.

Is There a Workaround to the Gold Cap?

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While there is no way to exceed the gold cap, a workaround exists for having multiple characters since this cap is per character, not for your whole account. You could have multiple characters with this gold cap and transfer your money between them if needed, so long as you aren’t exceeding their cap.

Unless you consciously try to reach it, it is unlikely you will hit the gold cap in WoW as player pay for items and materials before hitting this endpoint.

Making Money and Reaching the Gold Cap

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Regardless of the gold cap, which is already exceedingly high, you’ll likely want to take the time and make some money during your adventures in Azeroth, especially if you plan on using WoW Tokens to pay your subscription. There are quite a few ways to do this.

First, simply playing the game and grinding through enemies and quests will earn you a decent chunk of change, but it also can be rather lengthy and time-consuming, so we don’t recommend this being the primary method.

You’ll likely be spending a lot of your time using and working the Auction House when it comes to making money, and there are a couple of ways to use these feature.

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For starters, anything related to professions is usually a good money maker, such as selling materials for Blacksmithing, Alchemy, etc, since players are always looking for them and tend to be in high demand. Additionally, items you can craft and sell are good options since, once again, you are offering a service other players cannot or do not want to do. This is especially true for some old expansion items, which players may be unwilling to take the time to earn, making them more sought after and easier to charge for a higher price.

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Outside of professions, Retail WoW has a big focus on transmog, and with that comes the potential to make money through selling Bind on Pickup items and some rarer cosmetic goods since players will want to look their Sunday best with some of those items.

Using one or a combination of these methods in World of Warcraft will help you earn gold and work towards hitting that cap, even if it’s simply for bragging rights. Now, get out there and make some money.