What is the difference between stronger, standard, speed, and train in Pac-Man 99

It's a speeding issue.
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Pac-Man 99 turns one of gaming’s most venerable titles into an effective battle royale. Players not only have to play their own game of Pac-Man, but can also interfere with each other, and their own game, in mysterious ways.

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Sometimes Pac-Man 99 is about embracing risk to end up with an advantage, which is where the power settings of Stronger, Standard, Speed, and Train come into play. They can be activated using the lettered buttons, but you will want a full understanding of what each one does to take advantage of them.

  • Faster – will double base movement speed, but attack output is reduced by 75%. The speed increase is cumulative to the speed increased from eating dots, not multiplicative.
  • Stronger – reduces power pellet time to three seconds, but will allow two Jammer Pacs to be sent after consuming ghosts. Players will want to time this perfectly to send maximum Jammers to other players.
  • Train – doubles every sleeping ghost that you touch, but will also spawn a Jammer Pac on your board for each one.
  • Standard – the default mode, with no benefits but no punishment either.

Cycling through the various modes at just the right time is how you will really gain an advantage over other players, but it is a risky game. If you are spawning Jammers on your own board, disaster might strike if you get hit with Jammers from another player, but it’s all part of the game.

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