What is the end credits song in HBO’s The Last of Us episode four? Answered

I’d see delight in the shade of the morning sun

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HBO’s The Last of Us TV show continues its reign as one of the most celebrated video game adaptations in recent memory. Though most of the credit has often gone to its well-written script and brilliant cast performances, plenty of praise has also been given to its fittingly curated soundtrack. Now that episode four is in the books, it seems that people are once again curious about the hauntingly beautiful song that was featured as the credits rolled. Here’s all that we know about the show’s latest concluding track.

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What is the end credits song in The Last of Us episode four?

The end credits song in The Last of Us episode four is True Faith by Lotte Kestner. True Faith was originally written and composed by English rock band New Order for their compilation album, Substance 1987. Kestner then covered the song and included it in her second studio album entitled Stolen.

Both versions of True Faith are complete opposites in terms of how they’re sung and arranged as New Order’s original composition featured an upbeat and synth–heavy composition that masked the dark meaning of its lyrics. On the other hand, Kestner’s performance leaned heavily into the song’s wistful nature with a fully stripped arrangement that opted for acoustic plucking and layered vocals instead.

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Lotte Kestner’s version of True Faith would then go on to inspire another cover of the song, which would be sang by Ellie as part of a trailer used in the lead up to The Last of Us Part 2’s release. Based on a tweet from Naughty Dog co-president Neil Druckmann, however, it seems that Kestner initially went uncredited when it first went live, but the situation has now apparently been remedied.