What is the end credits song in HBO’s The Last of Us episode seven? Answered

The brilliant musical genius of Gustavo Santaolalla.

Image via HBO

HBO’s The Last of Us TV series has quickly become one of the most beloved adaptations in recent memory because of its near-accuracy to the widely acclaimed title from Naughty Dog. Though not all of the show’s contents remain true to the video game, one element that it was able to retain was the hauntingly beautiful score created by Gustavo Santaolalla. The award-winning musician has once again exhibited his incredible talent through the final track that was featured at the end of episode seven. You’ll be able to find out what it is below so you can listen to it again.

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What song was playing during the end credits of HBO’s The Last of Us episode seven?

The end credits song during The Last of Us episode seven was Left Behind, which was written and composed by Gustavo Santaolalla himself. The brilliant composer originally had his creation featured in Naughty Dog’s video game DLC of the same name.

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Left Behind in its entirety begins with a simple piano melody that eventually evolves into a much more complex arrangement. Once the solo piano intro concludes, it soon becomes accompanied by an acoustic and electric guitar that seemingly follows a similar chord progression.

Its melancholic tone captures the devastating emotion of the final scenes in episode seven as Ellie and Riley both discover that they had been bitten. However, the song also has a sort of hopeful mood once the guitar sections come in, which represents Ellie’s unwavering love and loyalty to Joel and how she is fighting to save him.