What is the Epic Games Store Error 500?

Epic Games Store comes to a halt.

Image via Epic Games

For those attempting to jump onto the Epic Games Store to launch your favorite game, you could encounter an error when trying to log into your account. A notable error many users have experienced is the Error 500, which usually has to do with the high level of traffic hitting the digital storefront.

When you encounter this error while attempting to log onto your Epic Games Store account, it prevents you from loading into it entirely. You’re forced to try and relaunch the launcher to try it again. The best way to ensure this error code passes is to continually refresh the page and wait for the launcher’s traffic to die down.

Unfortunately, you will encounter this when too many people are trying to jump onto launcher or purchase something from the Epic Games Store library. Luckily, if you can log into your game for a brief moment, you should have no trouble loading it. If you want to visit the storefront and investigate any current sales going on, you may need to return later to see what was causing so much traffic.

Many users experienced this error when attempting to learn about the premium edition of GTA 5 coming to the store for free. Anyone with an Epic Game Store account could grab the game until May 21 at 11:00am. It could occur again due to high traffic towards the Epic Games Store, or additional server issues.

Regardless of how it happens, the best way to overcome Error 500 is to continually refresh the Epic Game Store launcher to keep trying again. The problem is on the Epic Game Store’s server-side, leaving you with little choice but to remain patient, potentially playing another game on Steam or to see if the sale is happening elsewhere.