Is Destiny 2 on the Epic Games Store? Answered

Guardians have found a new home.

Image via Bungie

Ever since Epic Games launched its own digital storefront for PC games, there’s been a rivalry with Steam. Games would often release exclusively on one, and if a player didn’t want to support the other, then they were out of luck. Destiny 2 has been available on PC via Steam for a few years, but now there’s another place to play it.

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Destiny 2 Epic Games Store release date

There’s no waiting involved here — as of August 23, Destiny 2 is available on the Epic Games Store. As you ought to expect, the system requirements are the same there as they are on Steam. Anyone looking to jump into the free-to-play portion of the game now has a new option.

Destiny 2 Epic Games Store differences

There are no differences in this version of Destiny 2. Where you launch from doesn’t matter: it’s still the same game. However, there is an incentive to download it on Epic Games Store versus other places. If you grab the free-to-play game during its first week there, you’ll also receive the Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack free of charge. Normally priced at $25, the pack includes the Grasp of Avarice dungeon, Gjallarhorn Exotic Rocket Launcher, and Thorn armor set. You’ll also get a bunch of weapons and cosmetics with designs inspired by Bungie’s 30-year history.

Destiny 2 x Fortnite

Destiny 2’s Epic Games Store launch might not come as a surprise to Fortnite fans. A few days before the announcement was made, a collaboration with Fortnite was leaked. That’s since been confirmed, and a trio of Destiny 2 characters will be joining the battle royale. Exo Stranger, Ikara, and Zavala are available in Fortnite on the same day as Destiny 2’s Epic Games Store launch: August 23. There are a number of other crossover cosmetics to check out too.