What is the exact unlock time for Returnal on PlayStation 5?

Get ready to die.

Image via PlayStation

Return, the upcoming third-person shooter from Housemarque mixes roguelike and psychological horror elements to send players on a draining journey through a truly testing game world.

Projectiles will fill the screen as the developers take the bullet-hell formula that they did with perfection in games like Nex Machina and turn it into a third-person shooter instead.

For players who are eager to dive in and test their mettle, the game will be unlocking at 12 AM on April 30, or midnight on April 29, depending on how you prefer to approach complex perspectives like time.

There is no global launch, so players in Australia will get to enjoy the game first as the rollout will continue across the world as each timezone hits midnight.

The title, which is a PS5 exclusive, marks the first major release for Sony on their new console this year. While the hardware launched with a range of titles at the time, things have been a little slow getting off the ground this generation.

This can almost certainly be traced back to the impact of the worldwide pandemic on the team’s abilities to produce games, but Housemarque is finally about the point where they are about to unleash Returnal on us all.