What is the fastest ship in Sea of Thieves?

Speed is a critical component on the seas.

Screengrab via Rare

There are three different ship choices available to players in Sea of Thieves. You choose the smaller sloop for a single person to control. The brigantine is a larger ship that two to three people can manage. The largest ship, the galleon, requires three to four players to properly control. However, you can always have a larger crew on any of the smaller ships. For a player who wants to use the fastest ship, which of the three is it?

In certain situations, the galleon is faster. For example, if the galleon is sailing is a straight line, and its mast has wind propelling it forward, it is the fastest ship. Nothing can outrun it, making it an ideal craft from going to point A to point B. However, if the sloop is making a turn or sailing against the wind, it is the fastest ship due to how little mass its carrying. Of the three, the brigantine also has an advantage when the crosswind is coming from behind, and it has full sails going with the wind.

Those are the three ways each ship is faster than the other. As you can imagine, these situations won’t always be readily available, unfortunately. The winds in Sea of Thieves frequently change, forcing you to adjust your sails, correct your course, and readily pay attention to the wind’s direction. The answer to what is the faster ship comes up with multiple solutions, so as long as you keep in mind what are the advantages of each ship, you’re in much better shape.