What is the file size of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season Six?

One last dance.

Image via Infinity Ward

Over the last year or so, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has been known to be a storage-space filler on every platform the game belongs to. This isn’t without good cause, as there’s been a collection of maps, skins, and guns added since the launch. However, do not expect Season Six to end the game’s life with a bang, as the update is rather small compared to its predecessors.

Activision has been strangely quiet about promoting what’s in this new season – aside from Warzone’s new subway system and operators. However, we do know that Season Six will be 20.4GB, at least on PlayStation 4, as pre-loading is now live.

Xbox One users won’t be looking at a major download size either, with their file being a light 22.66GB. However, the Modern Warfare update on PC is a hefty 57GB (25.5GB for Warzone alone) but it isn’t horrific considering Season Four cost Xbox players 84GB. No matter the size, expect a new battle pass and a batch of maps, modes, and skins to be introduced.

Season Six is expected to fully release on September 29 at 2 AM ET, 11 PM PT, and 7 AM BST.