84GB trending as Activision investigates why Modern Warfare update is so big

The issue is being fixed.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare‘s latest update is so big it is trending on Twitter. Season 4 patch has just been released after being recently delayed over protests following the death of George Floyd, and it is big even for this game’s standards, despite players have been used to massive downloads during the last several years.

The latest update is 84 GB on Xbox One, and it is so mind-blowing that it has currently reached the second spot on Twitter’s worldwide trends list.

Thanks to this patch, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has reached an overall size of 187GB, by a large distance, the biggest console game ever.

The download wasn’t meant to be so big. While the Xbox One patch is 84GB, it’s “only” 32GB on PS4 and 45GB on PC.

Activision Support has made it clear it wasn’t meant to be this big, and that it is investigating why it turned out to be massive on Xbox One.

“We’re actively investigating an issue for Modern Warfare where some players on Xbox are seeing a larger than expected download size for today’s update,” said the publisher.

Weird enough, Activision ended the message with “stay tuned for updates,” something users won’t be happy to hear as they just hope the label tries and fixes this huge updates’ problem with its game.

With the2020 Call of Duty now in development, players expect Treyarch to address in their newest take on the Black Ops franchise.