What is the Free Trial has Ended error message in Fallout 76 and can you fix it?

What’s going on?

Fallout 76

Image via Bethesda

The latest Wastelanders update for Fallout 76 has arrived. Unfortunately, a handful of players are experiencing several errors and problems with the newest update. One of the important issues some are encountering includes receiving an error message that details they no longer have access to the free trial of the game and have to purchase the full one, when they do, have the full game.

It’s happening with the Steam version. U/ProKeky on Reddit shared the below image that reads, “The Free Trial event has concluded. Purchase Fallout 76 to continue your adventures in Appalachia and carry on your progress. 4:8:2009.”

Image via Prokeky on Reddit

After sharing the post and the image with it, Bethesda community manager u/Valseek replied and said, “Thanks for the reports, we’re looking into why this may be happening for some folks right now. Will keep you posted as soon as I have more info on this.” Valseek’s comment shares that more players are also reporting this same issue, which means it’s likely prolific, especially on a launch day update.

Because it’s on Bethesda’s side, there’s no way to go about fixing it. The error message does not need you to reconnect your internet, to reinstall Fallout 76, or attempt to shut it down and start it back up. There’s likely something on Bethesda’s servers where they don’t have the proper codes on specific players, potentially those who purchased it at a particular time before the update.

For now, players will need to remain patient. Bethesda is certainly working on the issue and are attempting to solve what’s going on. Right now, there are no confirmed reports of this happening to those playing on other consoles, and it’s only occurring with those playing through Steam.

We’ll update this guide when we learn more information and when further details have released.