What is the Heart of Deimos in Warframe?

It’s a mystery, to be honest.


Image via Digital Extremes

Our favorite part of Tennocon each year is seeing something new. Digital Extremes are always happy to tease us with new content that will be coming to the game, sharing news and information about development, and showing off whatever they have been working on to players that are hungry for more Warframe action.

In the run-up to Tennocon 2020, Digital Extremes has teased something called Heart of Deimos, and have even given us a teaser trailer to get our hype levels up.

Since the release, people have been hungry for further information about Heart of Deimos, and what it might be, but being truthful there is very little information out there. This is the first time Digital Extremes have mentioned this name, and nobody knows right now if it is a full new update, a story mission series, or maybe even a shift in the currently established game.

In the trailer, we can see plenty of Orokin hallways, and there are a lot of Infested running around the place. There also appears to be some kind of golden doorway, and we are told that the heart of Deimos is getting louder. We all know that the Orokin unleashed the Infested on the Origin System, so could this be something that the Orokin had locked away, getting more powerful until it is unleashed once again?

Perhaps we will getting a new run of story missions, and the Heart of Deimos is some kind of new boss fight? Maybe the recent incursion from the Sentients has forced the Infested to react in some way, the same way it has pushed the Grineer and the Corpus?

Right now, we simply have no way to know, and we will all be tuning in to Tennocon 2020 on Aug. 1 to learn more about what is coming to the game.