What is the incompatible version error in Valheim?

It’s all fun and games until you encounter an error.

For those attempting to jump into Valheim, you might encounter the issue of seeing the ‘incompatible version’ error when you attempt to jump into a server. The problem is happening every so often, and it’s likely to occur several more times in the future as Valheim continues to progress in its early access development. When you see this error, there’s little for you to worry about, and there’s an easy fix surrounding it.

When you see the incompatible version, it’s because you’re attempting to connect to a server, and the host of the server has not updated Valheim on their platform. The server owner needs to jump onto their platform, update Valheim, and then log into the game. After they’ve updated all of the files on their side, players attempting to join the server should no longer encounter this issue. You may have to find Valheim in your update folder to force it through by right-clicking Valheim in your game menu, going to properties, and then double-checking the are no immediate updates available.

If you’re encountering additional issues, you may have to take more drastic measures to update the server manually. Before doing so, make sure to save your server and create a back-up version somewhere on your hardware to ensure you don’t lose it, should the original file run into issues.

  • Install SteamCMD
  • Create an install folder dubbed Update.bat
  • Create a notepad file in that folder and type out: [SteamCMD directory] + login anonymous + force_install_dir [Valheim installation directory] + app_update 896660 validate + exit. Save it.
  • Run the Update.bat file

This should force the server inside of your folder to update.