What is the Jacko pose? Jack-O pose meme, explained

The bizarre adventures of Jacko

Screenshot by Gamepur

Jack-O’ Valentine, popularly known as just Jack-O’, is a peculiar character from the Guilty Gear universe that became an internet sensation for her bizarre in-game pose rather than actual gameplay. It’s not often that a character’s pose spawns countless funny memes, ultimately commencing a whole new trend, but that’s what happened with Jack-O’s addition to the franchise. Although most Guilty Gear fans might have come across the Jack-O pose meme before, there is a chance only a few are familiar with its inception.

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Jack-O pose meme origin

Fans were first introduced to Jack-O’ in Guilty Guilty Gear Xrd back in 2015. However, the memes surrounding that character only started to surface or became more popular in 2019 when a YouTuber named Munchyjr released a video titled “Absolute Queen.” The video features Jack-O’ rocking her staple pose against Potemkin in an emphatic fashion. However, what’s interesting is that Potemkin can be seen doing the same pose, which ultimately led to the rise of memes where different Guilty Gear characters do the same pose. If you are unaware of the Jack-O’ pose, it’s her crouching idle animation where she puts the upper half of her body on the floor while sharply raising her lower half.

However, the inside joke reached a whole new level when Jack-O’ was added to Guilty Gear Strive, which started an internet trend where netizens would do the same pose and post it on different social media platforms. The entire #jackochallenge trend gained significant recognition and even became a hit in Japan, the game’s origin country.