What is the keypad color code in Poppy Playtime?

Input the correct colors and you can get inside the security room.

When you initially arrive at the abandoned toy factory in Poppy Playtime, everything appears to be cleared out. You’ll have to explore the area and find a way to go further into the building. However, the doors to the security hall are blocked by a keypad that requires a color code. You’ll need to input the correct command to open up the door and advance the game.

There are only two rooms available for you to visit. There’s a torn-up toy room and the entrance to the security room. To gain access to the security room and input the correct code, you need to click on the colors in the corresponding order that appear on the train going around at the top of the toy room.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The correct color order you need to input into the keypad will be: Green, pink, yellow, and red. Upon clicking these colors correctly on the pad, you’ll be able to gain access to the security room. Inside the security room will be a blue videotape that you need to place into the VCR to receive further instructions of where you’ll learn about the Grabpack, your go-to item that you’ll be using throughout your adventures in Poppy Playtime.

Screenshot by Gamepur