What is the level cap in Marvel’s Avengers?

How heroic can you get?

Marvel's Avengers

Image via Crystal Dynamic

Like a lot of other games with RPG elements, Marvel’s Avengers will have two separate levels that you will need to worry about. The first is your Hero Level, and the second is your Power Level. Both of them effectively cover different things, so in this article, we will run through what they actually mean.

Hero Level

Hero Level caps out at 50 and is driven by experience earned from playing the game. Completing missions, defeating enemies, and finishing challenges can all earn you experience that will increase your Hero Level. Hero Level can largely be considered your grind indicator, and we expect it to slowly increase as new content is added to the game.

Power Level

Power Level is an indicator of how well you will do against any particular enemy in the game. Your Power Level will be an average of the levels of all the gear you have equipped, while all enemies in the game will have a Power Level dictate by how much of a challenge the developers want certain activities to be, the level of difficulty you are playing at, and other factors. The better your gear, the higher your Power Level will be. This means you will take less damage, and do more damage with your attacks and abilities.

The current Power Level cap is 150, so there will be plenty of grinding to do to get all the way up to the max level. Once again, this is something that we expect will increase over time as new content is added to the game.