What is the max level cap in New World?

Find out what’s the maximum level cap in New World.

Image via Amazon Game Studios

After failing to make it big with two AAA titles, it seems like Amazon Game Studios has finally got it right with New World. An open-world MMORPG, New World offers an immersive experience that has managed to garner the attention of a lot of players. The game’s beta has been a huge hit, and it can constantly be seen in the list of top 10 games with the most concurrent players on Steam.

As is the case with every MMORPG, players have a lot on their plate when playing New World. The game begins on a simple note, but as players progress through the story, the difficulty and the effort required to complete quests will significantly increase. Players can indulge in the main story quest or tackle the plethora of sidequests available in the game. For each quest or task players complete, you’ll get XP that will go towards increasing your level. As of now, the highest level you can attain in New World is level 60.

At level 60, players will have access to every end game content that New World has to offer. However, reaching that milestone will take a lot of time and dedication. Furthermore, once several players in the player base achieve level 60, we can expect Amazon Game Studios to raise the level cap.