What is the max level in Maneater?

How big can you get?


Maneater is all about becoming the biggest, most dangerous thing in the sea. This will happen as you level up, and your shark will go through different stages of growth. Eating things, finding nutrient caches, and destroying boats will all net you plenty of XP, as will finishing missions and side quests.

You shark has four different ages, which coincide with different levels. You start out as a pup and then work from there to level up. When you hit the required level, you will need to return to a grotto to level up, you will stay as your current age until you do.

  • Teen – Level 4
  • Adult – Level 10
  • Elder – Level 20
  • Mega Shark – Level 30

Once you have hit level 30, that is the max level, and you will no longer be able to grow in size, or in level. Remember, you need to return to a grotto each time, but this can be done quickly by opening the map and using it to fast travel. You will be able to do this as long as you are no longer in combat.

The other type of rank in the game is Infamy. Infamy is all about how dangerous the humans in the game perceive you to be. This caps out at 10, and each time you go up a tier a new Bounty Hunter will come after you. This is to your advantage, as you will get access to power evolutions and upgrades for taking them out.

They will get tougher to fight as time goes on, including the other waves of bounty hunters that accompany them, so make sure you fight them in spots that offer you good cover and sources of food to heal up.