What is the maximum trainer level in Pokémon Go?

The bar is about to go up.

Since Pokémon Go was first released in 2016, the game’s highest trainer level has been level 40. However, at Pokémon Go Fest 2020, developer Niantic has revealed they plan to extend this level cap and give trainers additional players to unlock. The details came out during the final live stream of the events of the Go Fest 2020 event, alongside more information about Mega evolution. The core detail of the live stream was for players to understand the developers were actively working on these mechanics, and they wanted to provide players with a balanced experience. The maximum level cap of 40 will go up, but not yet.

With the level cap being 40 for all trainers in Pokémon Go, the next level cap increase will likely go to 50. How players go about it will be different, though. Usually, players level up by gaining experience points. You earn experience points by completing research tasks, capturing Pokémon, capturing new ones, evolving them, and playing the game. There’s a lot of effort involved, and Niantic wants players to put an equal effort into going past 40.

While the reveal of the level cap increase is now official, we don’t know when it’s going to happen or how it will work. The effort to reach level 40 is already a tedious one, and the effort to go beyond 40 to potentially reach 50, could be another tedious journey for trainers. We’ll be hearing more from Niantic in the months following Pokémon Go Fest 2020. The announcement will likely occur at the same time we understand more concrete information about Mega evolution.