What is the Prospector Drone in Deep Rock Galactic?

Know your enemy before you shoot it.


Image via Ghost Ship Games

While they may be rare, Deep Rock Galactic does have boss enemies for you to fight. Some of these can only be taken on in dedicated missions, while others form optional mini-bosses that you can fight and defeat for bonus experience and loot at the end of your mission. This guide explains what one of those bosses, the Prospector Drone, is and why you should think about battling it.

Fight for corporate espionage

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Prospector Drone has a chance of showing up in any mission. It’s a research drone from a rival company that’s analyzing everything Deep Rock Galactic has you do and taking it back so that its owners can try to get ahead of them with clients or research. Of course, you don’t have to take the drone down, but you’ll get a big chunk of bonus experience and loot at the end of the mission if you do.

To defeat the Prospector Drone, you need to shoot it. If every dwarf weighs in on the fight, the boss will fall pretty fast. However, it’ll try to protect itself and fly away when you start to attack it. You’ll also notice smaller enemies such as robots and Patrol Bots begin to get involved and try to defend the Prospector Drone. If you defeat the Patrol Bots, you can hack them and have them fight for you for the rest of the mission.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you’ve defeated the Prospector Drone, head over to where it fell so that you can collect its data core. You need to deposit this as you would if you were using a Hacking Pod, ensuring that you get a boost to the experience gained at the end of the mission.