How to Get Error Cubes and What They Do in Deep Rock Galactic

Error Cubes are one of the strangest things in Deep Rock Galactic, and they’re so rare that most players don’t know what to do with them.

Deep Rock Galactic

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Deep Rock Galactic is full of all sorts of minerals to mine and collect, and bugs to squash or shoot with a variety of weapons. Every now and then, the game throws a curveball at players in the form of rare objects that they might not immediately understand. One of those is Galatactic Error Cubes, a resource that players won’t see too often.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide explaining what Error Cubes are in Deep Rock Galactic and what players need to do with them when they find them.

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How to Find Error Cubes Deep in Rock Galactic

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To find Deep Rock Galactic Error Cubes, players need to mine any deposit with grey spikes and a pink aura. Error Cubes have a 1/26 chance of spawning in a mission, so they’re extremely rare. If players see a deposit with grey spikes sticking out of it, and a pink glow behind those spikes, then they’ve probably found one. That ore deposit must absolutely be mined because it almost certainly contains an Error Cube.

Error Cubes look a bit like a Rubik’s Cube, covered in squares of varying colors and hues. Players can only pick the item up and deliver it back to their ship. Once players uncover an Error Cube though, they’ll probably be set upon by a bunch of enemies, meaning the entire group will need to defend the player carrying the Error Cube to avoid losing it.

What are Error Cubes Used for in Deep Rock Galactic

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The only purpose of Deep Rock Galactic Error Cubes is to be brought back to the ship and deposited in any mission. These items are worth a bonus of 4,000XP when players finish the mission and return to the space stations. It’s a nice layer on top of the resources, and XP gained from the mission already. Each Error Cube collected also counts towards an achievement.

It’s possible that new uses for Error Cubes will be added to the game in the future. They could interact with puzzles or other parts of missions during upcoming seasons and events. If that happens, we’ll update this section of the guide.

How to Get the “What Are These Things?” Trophy/Achievement in Deep Rock Galactic

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To get the “What Are These Things?” trophy/achievement in Deep Rock Galactic, players need to mine out and deposit five Error Cubes in total. This can be completed over the course of several missions. There’s no need to find all five in a single mission. This is a pretty tough trophy/achievement to unlock because of how rare Error Cubes are, but it is possible for those that play enough missions.