What is the Protea release date for Warframe?

Degrees of engineering.


Protea will be the 43rd Warframe to be added to Digital Extremes’ space-ninja simulator. Protea will arrive in the game with the Deadlock Protocol update which is due to arrive this week on PC, and a couple of weeks later on consoles. Protea will be added to the game on June 11.

Protea will be available through a quest that ties into the Deadlock Protocol content drop, and of course, you will be able to purchase her in the Market for Platinum, although her Platinum price is not currently known. We would also suspect some kind of bundle will arrive in the market, featuring the Warframe and some new weapons.

Protea is based on an engineering concept, bringing useful gadgets to battle to help allies and hinder foes. She can throw multiple grenades that deal Slash damage, and drop a powerful laser cannon that will assault enemies with multiple energy beams. She can drop Dispensaries that can drop energy, health, and ammo for allies and her final ability allows her to rewind time, regain all energy that she has spent.

Her passive is also very interesting, as every fourth ability that she casts will benefit from a 100 percent ability strength buff while it is being cast, which will then cause the passive to reset. You will be able to get access to Protea through a new quest that will be added to the game with the update.

Deadlock Protocol will also bring a full rework of the Corpus Ship tileset, the game’s oldest environment. After the Wolf of Saturn Six introduced a new tileset for Gas City, the Corpus Ship tileset was looking decidedly dated. Dead Protocol will be bringing a full rework of the tileset, bringing it up to the game’s current standards.