What is the release date for Destiny 2 Beyond Light?

The next chapter.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light

Now that Destiny 2 has moved into the realms of a not quite free to play game, the experience will largely be split between a free tier and an effective premium tier. The next paid expansion that will add content to the game will be Byond Light, which Bungie has likened to being Destiny 3.

Beyond Light will release on Nov. 10, having been delayed from the original Sep. 22 date, and will be a time of great change for the game. Older content that Bungie has marked as having a low engagement with the player base will be moved to the Content Vault to make room for the new places coming to the expansion. Beyond Light will bring back the Cosmodrome, and introduce a new area in the form of Europa. Titan, Io, Mars, Mercury, and the Leviathan will all be entering the Vault but may emerge at points in the future when the story requires.

Beyond Light will feature the return of the Exo Stranger, a mysterious character from the original Destiny who showed up to give us a cool weapon and disappeared forever. Well, she is back to help us fight the Darkness, claiming to be from a reality where the Darkness has overcome the Light. The expansion will also introduce our first new element power since the game began in the form of Stasis, a Darkness powered skill tree that will give all the new classes some extra build options.

As always, there will be new weapons and armors to collect, Exotics to hunt down, Strikes and a new Raid, and lots of story missions to get through as we learn more about what the arrival of the Darkness actually means for the world of Destiny.