What is the release date for Microsoft Flight Simulator?

Time to earn your wings.

Image via Microsoft

Avid piloting fans will be pleased to hear that Microsoft Flight Simulator now has an official release date. The game will come out on August 18 for PC on Windows 10 and the Xbox One. You will be able to take to the skies to fly around the world, engaging with an authentic flying experience from your home. There are light aircraft to wide-body jets available for all pilots, and you can hone your skills flying any of them through the skies all over the world.

There will be over 40,000 real-world airports for players to visit, two million cities and towns to travel to, and fully populated roads full of cars to create a realistic flight experience. The game comes with a singleplayer and multiplayer experience where players will be able to hear and experience real-time air traffic data from real flights happening in the world. You will have to party up with friends you wish to fly alongside, but you can travel the world with other pilots while you pilot your favorite aircraft.

Those who have a subscription to the Xbox Game Pass will have access to the game. You will be able to preload it before the official launch date so that when it releases on August 18, you can jump right into it when it becomes available. Others will have to pre-order their copy, which they can do from the Microsoft store page