What is the release date for Rainbow Six Extraction?

Take one for the team.

Rainbow Six Extraction guide

Image via Ubisoft

After years of development, Rainbow Six Extraction is closer than ever. Ubisoft recently revealed a trailer for the upcoming PvE title and promised to reveal more at their Ubisoft Forward event. The game will put a PvE focus on the action while also taking advantage of the crisp shooting mechanics you will know from Rainbow Six Siege to provide players with a unique, tactical coop experience.

Rainbow Six Extraction is due to release on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation on January 20. It will be available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers on the same day.

Previously known as Rainbow Six Quarantine, Extraction began life as a limited-time mode in Siege. The fan base quickly fell in love with the mode, and Ubisoft moved to expand it into a full game.

In the trailer, we can see that a strange parasite appears to have taken over a lab, and it will no doubt be up to us to go in there and deal with the consequences. One of the central aspects of the game will be trying to make it as deep into the lab as possible, with players needing to decide when they wish to extract with whatever they have found, potentially saving survivors and learning more about the virus.

The name change seems to have been inspired by global circumstances over the last year, with the idea of a video game about a deadly virus called Quarantine being a little too on the nose for Ubisoft.