What is the release date for the Minecraft Caves & Cliffs update?

How long must we wait until we can have our very own Axolotl army?

Caves Cliffs logo

After the Nether Update for Minecraft went live, it was only a matter of time before the next update for the game would be announced. Now we know that the newest update will focus on the highest and lowest altitudes: Cliffs and Caves. This update is going to add many new mobs, both hostile and passive, such as the fierce Warden, the adorable Glow Squid, and the both adorable and fierce Axolotl. There is a new ore, new plants, and new biomes — but when does it all come out?

First off, don’t expect it this year. The developers at Mojang like to tease them around a year out. Second off, while we were given the rundown of many of the new components in the update itself, the developers have not given an exact release date or month yet.

That said, they did confirm that the Caves & Cliffs update is slated to come out in the summer of 2021. Major updates for the game have dropped in every summer month, so there is no telling whether this update will come in June, July, or August. But as the time gets closer, there is a good chance the exact release date will be revealed.

glow berries in a lush cave
Image via Mojang