What is the release date for Tiamat in Smite Season 8?

A god of creation and chaos has arrived.

Image via Hi-Rez

Update: Developers Hi-Rez has confirmed on February 3 that Tiamat will be released to the main game on February 23 alongside update 8.2.

Original Story: Smite’s world champions fight to see who will walk away as the Season 7 champions, and everyone is excited about the brand new god arriving in Season 8. During the Hi-Rez Showcase for Smite, the developers announced Tiamat would be the next god to come to the game, and later after that, Gilgamesh would be on the way. We know Tiamat is first, and she’s changing up the Smite conquest map quite a bit, bringing in all matters of chaos to the battlegrounds.

Tiamat will be arriving on February 23. Her character model is that of a dragon, and she has an interesting mechanic where she can shift her stance, much like Ullr. Her stance changes will determine what variety of abilities she’s using, potentially making her a better choice for given roles on your team.

From what we’ve seen from the brief trailer, one of her stances will give her a chance to summon minions. This will make her a bit weaker but capable of dealing a lot more burst damage. When she changes to her quadruped form, she becomes far more deadly and is harder to take down, giving her a bruiser style of play that can turn the tide of a battle, should your team require a reliable frontline attacker.

She’ll be released a little after the release date of the Most Wanted battle pass. That will be coming out on January 26, which means we’ll be saying goodbye to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It looks like the first part of Season 8 features an in-house battle pass, with a variety of skins with a more criminal mindset. However, after that one, we could see another sponsored Battle Pass, much like the Avatar: The Last Airbender and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from Nickelodeon.