What is the release date of Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Paradise DLC?

Build the home of an islander’s dreams.

Image via Nintendo

The very first Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct has arrived to give you the information you need to prepare for some of the changes to your island life. Among those changes is the Happy Home Paradise DLC, which will be available on November 5, the same day as the Version 2.0 update. Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Paradise is a paid DLC, so it will cost you a pretty bell — $25.

In Happy Home Paradise, you’ll be doing what you never expected you’d be doing: going to work at an archipelago resort. Don’t worry, you won’t be working as a housekeeper. You’ll be working as a resort developer in the Paradise Planning department to design vacation homes and coordinating dream lifestyles for the characters who come to unwind from their regular everyday lives.

Characters who come to the resort will visit you to tell you about their dream vacation home. Some of them want vacation homes filled with plush teddy bears, like Maple, while others want their homes designed to look like nightclubs, libraries, ski resorts, and even a dog park.

Once guests give you the information you need to make their dream vacation home a reality, you can select any island throughout the archipelago that is best suited to their request, although a yard’s square space may vary depending on the island. When you arrive at the site, you give them a tour of the home, set up the furniture requested by the guest and recommended by Paradise Planning, add lighting and wallpaper, customize their yard, and before they know it they’ll be living in the home just the way they envisioned.

You can also design facilities such as schools, restaurants, and even design homes for your fellow island residents, like Isabelle, Tommy and Timmy Nook, and Mabel.

You can purchase the Happy Home Paradise DLC on its own or as part of the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack with the Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis, which costs $49.99 for an individual membership plan or $79.99 for a family membership plan. Pre-orders start October 29.