When is the release date of Atomic Heart?

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Image via Mundfish

The robots have gone off the grid in Atomic Heart, and humanity is not safe. A global system connecting all of the robots has gone haywire, and it’s up to Major P-3 to clean up the mess that’s been happening at a Soviet Facility before it destroys the whole world. Atomic Heart’s release date has been speculated several times, but we now have a better idea of the game’s official release date following an official trailer.

When will Atomic Heart release?

It has been confirmed by the Atomic Heart team at Mundfish that the game will be released on February 21, 2023. You’ll have a chance to explore this explosive landscape at this time. This is slightly longer than we initially predicted, believing the game would release late in 2022. Now, with an official confirmation, we can look forward to getting our hands on it in no time. Atomic Heart has had an interesting release cycle, with a handful of delays and updates from the team, but it looks like they have everything under control now.

In Atomic Heart, you’ll be battling against hordes of robotic creations, using a variety of tools that you can craft as you explore the facility. You’ll be able to create over 30 types of melee weapons and firearms based on the kinds of resources you find as you explore the facility. If you’ve ever spotted wandering around the facility, regardless of your position, you can expect a factory full of robots to learn of your presence and send multiple forces to your location unless you hack into the mainframe to shut it down.

We’re looking forward to getting our hands on Atomic Heart when it releases on February 21, 2023.