What is the release date of Battlefield 2042?


Image via EA

Battlefield 2042, the next installment of DICE’s long-running military-themed first-person shooter, will be released on November 19. Originally set for release about a month earlier, in October, Battlefield 2042 was delayed to ensure the game would be of the highest quality and was moved to the new November release date.

Battlefield 2042 underwent a lot of leaks, prior to being announced. Many of the leaks have been accurate, as the game is indeed once again set in the near future, moving on from the World War II focus of the last two installments of the game. We are heading back to modern tech, weapons, and vehicles as Battlefield once again pits the very best operators against each other in a massive theater of war.

The title, which will release on both old and new-gen consoles and PC, will be bringing a number of changes for the series. The game will not feature any singleplayer campaign, and will instead focus on a rolling narrative that extends between seasons. The devs plan on telling a slowly unfolding tale that will keep players engaged with the content as time goes on.

Classes are being replaced by Specialists that will fill a very similar role to the old class system but will also come with their own perks, origins, and stories. As such, the faceless sniper is gone, replaced by a character with their own tale to tell.

The game will have a Battle Pass that will come with both a free and a premium track, with the premium pass featuring cosmetic and customization elements that will not be available on the free tier.