What is the release date of Madden 22?

Getting closer and closer.

The end of the Super Bowl means the end of the football season and a new beginning. 32 NFL teams have the chance to reset and recalibrate during the offseason, and this time also means a chance for football fans to get ready for an annual Madden release. With that said, you might be wondering whether we know the release date for Madden 22. At this moment, we, unfortunately, can’t.

As of this writing, we do not have a definitive release date for Madden 22. This shouldn’t be all that surprising, given that Madden doesn’t typically launch until August. However, it will be interesting as to when we might receive some information regarding the date and who will be on the ever-popular cover.

Typically, EA Sports releases information about Madden’s release date in April or May. Two years ago, EA Sports unveiled the first details about Madden 20 at the 2019 NFL Draft in late April. Last year, however, we did not know who would be on the cover officially until mid-June.

So at this point, figuring out when we will officially receive information about Madden 22 is pretty much a guessing game. However, we know we are getting closer, and we will keep you updated once new information comes out.