When is the release date of The Quarry?

Is this the next Until Dawn?

The Quarry

Screenshot via 2K Games YouTube

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Fans of Supermassive Games that have been disappointed by any installments in The Dark Pictures Anthology might have their eyes on The Quarry. As the first full-priced title from the studio since 2015’s Until Dawn, we might be seeing a true spiritual successor with a larger budget to accompany it.

The Quarry launches on June 10 on PC and all modern PlayStation and Xbox consoles. As we have come to expect from the team’s interactive experiences, it is largely focused on the multiplayer experience, with users able to play with up to seven other players online.

Just because The Quarry isn’t part of The Dark Pictures Anthology doesn’t mean it isn’t attempting to emulate the campy B-movie vibes of that franchise. It follows a group of teenage camp counselors that find themselves stranded at a lodge during summer camp. Predictably, they find themselves in the midst of danger from both crazy locals and supernatural creatures. Taking place across one night, the goal is to survive until daylight, which is when help is expected to arrive.

It’s no more original than any of Supermassive Games’ titles. The Quarry wears its inspirations on its sleeve to the point that the pre-order bonus includes a pack lets you select between three different visual filters to emulate the look of different horror film eras.

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