What is the start date of the Apex Legends Awakening Collection Event?

The extensive wait for Season 13’s first event will certainly be worth it.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Although Apex Legends is more than a month into Season 13: Saviors, its first event has finally been revealed to be the Awakening Collection Event. Despite recent events mainly revolving around new cosmetics, Awakening is set to deliver a never-before-seen location on the Olympus map, a beloved limited-time game mode, and a large set of unique Legend skins. So, as massive as Awakening is, will fans have to wait long to witness all of its greatness?

When does the Awakening Collection Event release?

In an EA blog post, the publisher revealed the Awakening Collection Event will begin on June 21 and last until July 5. This means Season 13 players will have waited almost five weeks for its inaugural event, but it appears to have been worthwhile. Aside from collecting cosmetics, Awakening will take it a step further, providing Lifeline’s new Clinic location within Olympus. The area is said to feature a multi-story hospital with platforms that enable damaged Legends to instantly regain health.

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During this two-week period, players will also have the opportunity to collect over two dozen cosmetics. The most notable of the set are Legendary superhero-themed skins from special Awakening Packs, such as Ash’s Existential Threat and a masked Animal Instinct skin for Fuse. As if that wasn’t enough, those able to find 24 new cosmetics from the event will be rewarded with the highly anticipated Suzaku Heirloom for Valkyrie, a lengthy gold and yellow spear used for close-range combat.

Players looking for more modes outside of its typical battle royale offerings will be able to enjoy the Control LTM once more during the event. The mode is centered around Legends having to hold down a majority of a map’s three flags during each match, all while having the ability to respawn at any time. Unlike its last return, Control will bear a map rotation with three different locations: Olympus, Storm Point, and for the first time ever, World’s Edge.