How to use the Stasis Grenade in The Anacrusis

Slow things down a tick.

Image via Stray Bombay

In The Anacrusis, you will come across no shortage of grenades as you fight your way through swarms of aliens. Luckily though, these handy little equipment pieces will provide more utility for you than blowing them up. Here is how you should use the Stasis Grenade in The Anacrusis.

As you might have figured from the name of the grenade, the Stasis Grenade is used to slow down enemies that it is affecting. Throw one out, and a dome of purple energy will encapsulate any enemy while having no effect on you or your teammates. Enemies inside will move at a snail’s pace giving you plenty of opportunities to mow them down.

So when is the best time to use a Stasis Grenade? We recommend saving it for Brutes or large groups of enemies in small corridors. In this game, Brutes are essentially smaller Tanks from Left 4 Dead, taking a bunch of damage as they try to hammer you down. Slowing them so your team can focus their firepower there will help greatly in clearing the way. As for the large groups in small corridors, if the horde only has one path to get to you, they will be stuck running through the stasis field. This can make getting through these cramped areas a breeze by keeping special enemies further away.