What is the Steam Deck Exclusive Steam Community profile bundle?

It’s a bundle, that’s for sure.

Steam Deck

Image via Valve

Valve’s portable gaming PC, the Steam Deck, has officially been unveiled, and it’s everything the rumors promised: powerful, slick, and very Switch-inspired. The handheld device will be available for purchase this December, and it’s already available to “reserve” in the form of paid pre-order.

The device comes out in three models of varying storage capacity and speed. The basic version has 64GB of internal memory, and it’s naturally the cheapest. The two premium Steam Deck versions come with 256GB and 512GB SSDs, respectively, and cost considerably more. Each one is bundled with their own set of additional goodies, like carrying cases or anti-glare screen protectors.

One of the items that comes with the two more expensive Steam Deck models is an Exclusive Steam Community profile bundle. This item has caught the attention of a lot of would-be buyers, and understandably so, as there is no explanation from Valve on what exactly this Steam Community profile bundle is. The item is not listed elsewhere on the storefront, and there is no word about it in the Steam Deck FAQ.

While we don’t have an official confirmation from Valve on what’s included in the Steam Deck Exclusive Steam Community profile bundle, it’s not difficult to imagine what it entails. In all likelihood, the bundle will include a set of limited player identity cosmetics for your profile page on Steam, such as themes, backgrounds, and avatars. The Steam Community profile bundle could also possibly include other cosmetic items, like stickers or emoji sets. We will update this guide with more information as we approach the Steam Deck’s official launch.