What is the Swift Sneak Enchantment in Minecraft and how to get it

Advance very carefully.

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With the addition of The Warden in Minecraft’s Deep Dark biome, you will want to be careful where you are walking around the place. If you are moving around at even an average speed, you will attract the attention of the mighty beast. The best way to avoid this is to crouch walk around, but that can be slow. With that in mind, Mojang implemented the new Swift Sneak enchantment. Here is what it does and how you can get it.

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How to get the Swift Sneak enchantment and what it does

What is the Swift Sneak enchantment?

The Swift Sneak enchantment can only be put on Legging pieces of armor exclusively. It has a simple purpose, to make your crouch walking speed faster. This may seem like a pretty niche use for an enchantment, but it’s meant to speed up your gameplay while in the Deep Dark, where you will be crouch walking a lot around Sculk Shriekers.

There are three levels to Swift Sneak, allowing you to retain up to 75% of your walking speed while you crouch walk. It will always be slower than your normal walking speed, but is over double the usual speed while crouched.

How do you get the Swift Sneak enchantment?

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Unlike many other enchantments in Minecraft that can usually be traded for with Villagers or fished out of water source blocks, Swift Sneak is known only to be found sitting in Chests in Ancient Cities in the Deep Dark biome. While you are in these darkened structures, you can find Chests hidden around corners throughout the area. It is not guaranteed that you will find Swift Sneak in particular since other Enchantment Books and items like Sculk blocks and Leads can be inside the containers, but it is your only way to get them.