What is Verdant Bloom used for in Horizon Forbidden West? – best farming locations

Make Aloy’s outfits pop.


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Horizon Forbidden West is filled with wonderful machines to discover, amazing views, and many resources to fill Aloy’s pockets and stash with. Not all of these resources seem essential when you pick them up, but each one serves a purpose. This guide explains what Verdant Bloom is used for and the best places to pick it up.

What is Verdant Bloom used for?

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Verdant Bloom is one of the resources that Dyers use to change the color of Aloy’s outfits. You can apply new dyes to outfits at any Dyer, but the first one is at Plainsong. Verdant Bloom is only one of the resources you’ll need to dye an outfit, so you’ll need to combine it with many others to get the style you want.

Best farming locations for Verdant Bloom

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Verdant Bloom only grows on rocky cliffs, so you need to get climbing to farm it. However, it’s not restricted to any single region in the game, so you can pick it up while you’re climbing anywhere in the Forbidden West. It’s a green leafy plant that sticks out among the cracks and crevices. While this is great because you can farm it anywhere, you’ll need to go out of your way and climb up a lot of cliffs to acquire a good chunk of it.