What is Azure Bloom used for in Horizon Forbidden West? – best farming locations

Give Aloy her own style.


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You will come across all sorts of plants and resources while exploring the world in Horizon Forbidden West. Some of these are used to create delicious meals, while others have a purpose that won’t become clear until later in the story. This guide explains what Azure Bloom is used for and the best places to grab it.

What is Azure Bloom used for?

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Azure Bloom is a plant that allows you to dye Aloy’s outfits. While not all outfits will have a dye that uses Azure Bloom, most do. You can dye Aloy’s outfits once you meet a Dyer in Plainsong. There are more Dyers throughout the game, so if you want to change up how Aloy looks in a particular outfit, make sure you do so the next time you’re in a settlement.

Best farming locations for Azure Bloom

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Azure Bloom grows exclusively on rocky cliffs. You won’t find it anywhere else, so pick it up when you get the chance. Aloy needs to be almost on top of the plant before you can pick it up, so scan as you climb to ensure you don’t miss it. The plant isn’t restricted to any one region, but if you want to pick up a lot of it, you’re going to need to get climbing while exploring the world.