What is volumetric lighting in Phasmophobia

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The Phasmophobia Exposition update added several new things for players to check out, such as two new ghost types, a tool called the DOTS projector, and numerous item appearance updates to make everything look that much nicer. Another thing added to the update was Volumetric Lighting, and it’s a setting that could be causing several players to encounter problems and crashes with the servers. Here’s what you need to know about the setting and how to turn it off.

Volumetric Lighting is a way to enhance or magnify a space more than something already is. It’s also known as ‘god rays’ when used in 3D computer graphics, increasing the graphics of a scene. It’s a way to make something appear far more improved than it normally would be without the lighting. For Phasmophobia, it’s going to be used quite a bit as lighting plays a key part in running around an investigation location.

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Before jumping into a server, if you are experiencing problems with this, jump into the settings in your singleplayer part of the game. You can find it underneath the PC Settings. It will be the second option. We recommend moving it down to ‘low’ to see if that clears things up. If you’re still running into server issues and you’re crashing, you can completely turn it off to ensure you can play the game.