What is the max number of villagers you can have on one island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Don’t get lonely.

Image via Nintendo

Once you get to your paradise island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, there is a lot to get to grips with. You have to get set up and settled in, figuring out how to make equipment, find various resources that you need, and of course, get to know your neighbors.

You will start off with two other NPCs living on your island with you, and you can help them get settled in and set up their tents to start on the right footing. After a while, you may want to get more neighbors, and you might be wondering about how many neighbors you can have in total.

The maximum number of villagers that any one island can have in the game is 10, so you can try to entice plenty more characters to come to your island.

To increase the number of residents from two to five, you will need to have the Museum and Nook’s Cranny unlocked first and foremost. As soon as Nook’s Cranny is built, Nook will start his morning address answering his phone with new residents wanting to join your island paradise. You will be a able to get three new villagers to come and live on your island at this point in the game.

Later in the game, you will be able to upgrade Resident Services and get more new plots of land from Nook for 10,000 Bells each. Don’t forget to think carefully about where you want these new residents to live, as you will be placing their tents for them.